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An Attorney Dedicated To Protecting Your Interests In Finances And Business

Thinking about bankruptcy or considering ways to protect yourself in business deals can be worrisome for most people. For peace of mind when your finances or business plans seem challenging, consult with an attorney who will guide you clearly and compassionately.

Attorney Geri Lyons Chase is that kind of lawyer. With nearly 35 years of experience, she understands how potential clients are thinking when they contact the Law Office of Geri Lyons Chase. She is empathetic as well as informative, beginning with the initial consultation and continuing through the completion of a bankruptcy or contract negotiation case. To learn about her background and qualifications, follow this link:

Geri Lyons Chase

For recommendations about how to move forward with your debt relief or business dispute resolution, contact attorney Chase at your earliest convenience.

If Debt Relief Is On Your Mind

Rest assured that attorney Chase will never urge you to file for bankruptcy if it is not in your best interest. She takes the “getting to know you” phase of client intake seriously. She will listen carefully so as to understand your expectations and point of view. She will also explain in words you can grasp what bankruptcy will mean to you, how you can get started and what you can expect throughout the legal process and beyond.

Assuming that bankruptcy seems promising for your situation, she will analyze the facts and help you complete the steps to determine which type of bankruptcy is appropriate for you or your business. At the Law Office of Geri Lyons Chase, she will work hard to make your Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy smooth and successful.

If Business Deals Are In The Works

Perhaps you need an attorney to review, create or negotiate the terms of a contract. You may need legal advice as you start, grow or sell a business. Whatever business law matters are on your agenda, the Law Office of Geri Lyons Chase can be your practical and no-nonsense source of support.

Whatever business challenges you are facing, attorney Chase’s goal will be to strengthen your prospects for favorable outcomes. Keeping your business poised for success is the bottom line.

Discover For Yourself The Meaning Of Personalized Service And Peace Of Mind

When attorney Chase is your adviser and advocate, you will not live in a world of mysteries. You will have ready answers to your questions about bankruptcy or business law. You will benefit from her knowledge acquired over nearly 35 years of practicing law.

To request a case analysis and get started working with attorney Chase to resolve your legal challenges, call 443-898-9655 or send an email inquiry. Initial consultations about personal bankruptcy are free.