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How Bankruptcy Can Bring You Debt Relief And A Financial Fresh Start

If your personal or business debts have become unmanageable, it may be time to consider bankruptcy as an option. Debts have a way of multiplying when interest continually adds to the total due and current expenses go unpaid and become new debts, too, because of the ongoing burdens of debt repayment.

The Law Office of Geri Lyons Chase has a sound reputation as a debt relief law firm in the Annapolis area. Here, many clients – individuals, couples and businesses – have found the solutions they were looking for. Attorney Chase can guide you as you find relief from the weight of out-of-control debts.

Bankruptcy Basics

Legal options allowing debtors to start over financially have been part of our nation’s history. The U.S. Constitution states in Article I, Section 8, Clause 4, that Congress will have the right to “establish… uniform laws on … bankruptcies throughout the United States.”

Numerous well-known Americans, including Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Walt Disney have taken advantage of bankruptcy somewhere along their way to success in their fields.

Through her law practice, attorney Chase assists clients with three types of bankruptcy, as follows:

Chapter 7, also called debt discharge bankruptcy, has the power to eliminate all personal and consumer debts in just a few months for people who qualify and follow the necessary processes.

Chapter 11, most often used for businesses, gives business owners and high-net-worth professionals a chance to breathe and keep businesses operating while reorganizing and reducing debts.

Chapter 13, also called debt reorganization, is common among homeowners and others with large assets that they wish to keep. With affordable monthly payments, a Chapter 13 filer may take three to five years to resolve their debts.

Bring Your Questions And Ask For Advice Suited To Your Situation

The fact that you are looking closely at a bankruptcy website is a good sign that you are ready to take advantage of an attorney’s help and direction.

Don’t put off contacting attorney Chase just because you are unsure about how to pay for bankruptcy services. Let her explain ways that many other clients have reclaimed their futures after stepping forward to ask for guidance and direction.

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