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In the life of a business, legal advice and representation may be vital investments when they are necessary for the business’s viability. Legal advice and services can be as important as real estate, goods or the labor force that drives a business’s purposes forward.

On the other hand, the economic interests of a business are integral to its overall success. It can be challenging to determine when legal services are essential and when they can be limited for the sake of the bottom line. Sometimes it is obvious. that legal counsel is necessary. In other cases, invoices for legal fees may seem to cut into a business’s bottom line. An experienced business law attorney will work closely with business leaders to ensure a profitable balance is maintained.

Attorney Geri Lyons Chase has more than 35 years of experience in the practice of business law in Maryland. She understands the importance of getting to know a business’s leaders, culture and mission while providing customized, effective legal advice and assistance.

Representatives Of Businesses Of All Sizes And Types Are Welcome To Inquire

Large corporations sometimes bring in additional legal professionals to support the efforts of their in-house counsel. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, typically lack in-house counsel. They sometimes need to outsource legal tasks, such as creating, revising and updating contracts as well as launching and executing initiatives such as the following:

  • Devising business startup agreements
  • Writing and following operating manuals
  • Negotiating employment agreements
  • Recruiting and hiring accountants and other supportive affiliates
  • Entering into real estate contracts
  • Purchasing goods and services
  • Marketing and selling products and service
  • Evaluating and purchasing insurance
  • Negotiating and carrying out mergers and acquisitions
  • Handling business wind-downs
  • Negotiating the sale of a business to another one

Attorney Chase, with the help of the legal staff at Law Office of Geri Lyons Chase, assists with a full range of business transactions such as those listed above. She also protects businesses and their owners and managers through skilled representation in dispute resolution through negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation, as needed.

Learn How Your Maryland Business’s Legal Needs May Be Met

You may have a task in mind for an attorney, or you may be ready for a general discussion in advance of any needs that may arise in the future. Discover the personalized, targeted, right-size business law services that our firm has to offer.

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