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Resolve Disputes For The Good Of Your Business

Virtually every business gets caught up in disputes from time to time. Whether your business faces a legal challenge from a customer or client, a neighboring business or commercial landlord, a supplier or shipping company or any other person or organization, a satisfactory resolution will preserve your bottom line as well as confirm what is right.

Remember: in business relationships, winning an argument is not enough. You must also protect the viability and financial strength of your business. Some battles are simply not worth fighting. The cost to your business’s reputation as well as potential legal fees may be solid reasons not to sue an opponent, whether that opponent is a nonpaying customer, a business partner or a contracted service provider. In other cases, taking a stand through litigation or alternate dispute resolution methods deserves careful consideration.

Attorney Geri Lyons Chase in Annapolis helps many business clients determine which battles are worth fighting and what are the best ways to pursue resolutions.

Get Legal Counsel For Any Dispute Involving Your Business

You may not have a choice as to whether to engage in a contractual or business dispute. Someone – or an organization – may have already launched a legal offensive against your business. Attorney Chase can advise you on the best steps forward regarding any dispute or lawsuit involving your business as a plaintiff or defendant, such as the following:

  • A breach of contract claim against your business
  • A breach of contract claim against another party that has wronged your business
  • A commercial real estate lease dispute
  • A supply chain-related failure
  • A dispute over promised goods or services that were allegedly not delivered as contracted for
  • A partnership dispute
  • A dispute versus shareholders
  • A botched merger, acquisition or attempted sale of your business
  • A defamation claim
  • An injury claim against your business by an employee, customer or member of the public

If the dispute is important to resolve, the path to its conclusion may come about through negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Personalization Is Essential For Effective Dispute Resolution

A customized analysis of the facts by an experienced lawyer is a necessary first step toward any resolution.

With more than 35 years of experience in business law, attorney Geri Lyons Chase is more than qualified to help you discern the next best steps regarding your contract or business dispute. For direction and counsel, call 443-898-9655 or complete an online inquiry form.