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Facing the possibility of wage garnishment can be harrowing

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Bankruptcy Law

Many of those who face dire financial straits may feel that a significant portion of their income is spent on paying down monetary obligations. While this can be daunting enough as is, when payments fall behind, there may also be a risk that one could face the possibility of wage garnishment. Individuals in Maryland who encounter similar concerns may have questions about their legal rights and the options to help protect against wage garnishment.

Wage garnishment

Wage garnishment is a process that may occur when the court orders one’s employer to withhold a set portion of wages to help satisfy a claim brought forth by creditors. One thing to note about this process is that debtors have a right to receive notification of an intent to garnish wages. Those who receive such notice may find it vital to evaluate the document thoroughly, as this may be integral to determining whether it might be necessary to dispute the process.

It may also be helpful to note that certain types of income may be exempt from garnishment, such as Social Security benefit payments. Those who face such a scenario may also have the option to reach out to creditors and negotiate, but this might not always prove fruitful. One may also benefit from knowing that bankruptcy tools such as the automatic stay could help provide protection from wage garnishment, along with other issues such as foreclosure and eviction proceedings.

Seeking debt relief

Along with protecting against the trials of wage garnishment, bankruptcy could also be just the tool with which to seek relief from the strain of debt. Since this can be a major life decision, those weighing the possibility of pursuing relief via similar outlets might choose to consult with legal counsel for advice in addressing their financial situations. An attorney can help a client prepare to explore all his or her available options for creditor protection and debt relief and assist in developing a plan with which to safeguard his or her financial future.